That Junk Might be Worth Something

If you’re like me and are a bit of a hoarder, you don’t necessarily have to worry about throwing out all of your items – especially since you may not be able to find them among the clutter in your house. Some of the junk you have lying around might actually be worth some cash. That’s right! You might have a treasure chest of items collecting dust in your attic. Like they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

There are many people around the world with all different types of collections and you might have the missing piece that they’ve been searching for.

Some Things in Your House

If you’re like most people, you might have a piece of furniture that’s rarely used. Instead of leaving them to sit unused, you can make some serious money using things like Craigslist or Let Go. In some cases, you don’t even have to do the bulk of the work. You can call a local consignment shop to come by and pick it up – just do the marketing and sell it for you. Furniture isn’t the only thing you can consign. Clothes are also consigned to tons of clothing stores all over the US.

Before you sell your furniture or clothes though, make sure to check between those couch cushions and in your pockets for old gift cards that may be hanging around. We often get gift cards and end up losing them or leave them unused for years. Luckily for you, there are websites like Cardpool that will take your old gift cars and give you cash for them.

Do you have kids with more toys than they even have time to play with? Or are you someone who likes holding onto their childhood toys? There is a large market for unused children’s toys. Using apps like Let Go or websites like Craigslist can help you sell these toys and make some cash. EBay also has a great platform to sell these unused toys. The same can be done for sports goods. Since kids are always growing an in need of new sizes for gear, there are also secondhand sports stores that are willing to take your old sports gear for a fair price.

Don’t forget your antique items. Antiques are items that believed to hold value because of their age, historical relevance, and aesthetics. Antiques can be worth big money, especially if they have a great back story with historical roots. You can find a bunch of people willing to pay good money for an interesting antique.

Bottom Line

I bet you had no idea that you were sitting on a gold mine in your own house. Although the gold isn’t easily found and you have to work for it like miners do, it’s still there. Items around the house might have a ton of value to them, you just have to find the right buyer willing to pay for them. Just like everything great, it involves some work. So, get out there and sell those items that you’ve been holding onto for so long! If you would like to know more about selling your old stuff, check out You, Too, Can Make Money Selling Good Junk by Linda LaRock. Also, if you’d like to learn about sales, check out Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone – it’s a life changing book!

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One thought on “That Junk Might be Worth Something

  1. Great Post Justin, and you make some awesome observations. So many people have stuff they no longer need and see the value a little too late. The past year I was able to pay off well over 1/3 of my student loans with stuff I sold online through ebay, amazon, craigslist and facebook, and most of it was stuff I would consider junk! That was over $10,000 and it wasn’t easy but it was totally worth it! If you want to read about all the stuff I did to pay off $33,555 of student loan debt in less than 3 years then check out:

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