Tips on Kindle Book Writing

Tips on Kindle Book Writing

One of the fastest ways to earn money as a publisher is by writing on Kindle. Kindle offers you fast and easy publishing and an earning capacity of up to 70% on sales made across a number of countries. While the idea of publishing your book via this platform may seem quick and easy, being successful at it doesn’t necessarily come easily. Kindle offers a process that makes it seem as though all that is required is to write, publish, and start earning. In reality, it takes a lot more than that. You have to perfect the art of Kindle writing. Follow these tips and you may well be on your way to your big eBook break.

Get Right to It

Sometimes the best method is to just dive right in or rip the Band-Aid off. Quit making excuses and procrastinating. There is never one single perfect time or place, so be prepared to draw inspiration from whatever environment you find yourself in with one goal in mind: to get the book written. Make sure to always save and back-up your draft copies so you don’t lose any bits of your masterpiece.

Pick a Focus Area and Create a Theme Around It

Be decisive and intentional about what are you want to write about – kids, fiction, non-fiction, etc. Make a choice and decide on the basic pattern or outline that your book would have, the number of chapters, key characters and topics, how the story would begin, and how it should end. Get to the drawing board and create your perfect story around the theme. While working out the schematics of your story, remember that not everything that you have in your head can be written out in one book.

Set a Routine and Feedback from Others

Writing can be both exciting and gruelling. Sometimes it’s just easier to keep pushing it until the next day and then the day after that, but in the end up you end up writing very little. Create a structure by fixing a specific time of your day to get some writing done and stick to it. Once you have some content written up, make sure to share your ideas. It never hurts to hear what others have to say about your ideas. So, carefully share your work and get constructive feedback.

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Learn the Legalities

Amazon makes the information about the terms and policies available at all times. Read up on everything you need to know about the legal angles of Kindle publishing and work within its provisions. Always make sure that you are reading anything you are signing your name to.

Bottom Line

To excel at Kindle writing, it always helps to build momentum and a hunger for your books. This assures that you’re able to become an all-time favorite. Kindle book writing can be your next big break depending on how much effort you put into doing it the right way. If you’re really interested in learning more about Kindle writing, check out “The Kindle Writing Bible” by Tom Corson-Knowles.

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