Never Give up on your hopes and dreams the story of Shahid Khan

Sometimes life gets tough and we feel like we must put aside our dreams to make things work. Many people have struggled throughout life and still found ways to succeed. You should use their stories as inspiration to lead you to achieve all your own hopes and dreams. Sure, everyone has a different situation in life. It’s what makes us unique and special, but also what fuels us to create whatever world we want to live in. It also ensures that the person who is in control of your dreams is you, so make sure you are doing everything you can to achieve them.

The Story Behind the Man:

Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan, a Pakistani-American Business Tycoon 

Shahid Khan, also known as Shad Khan, was born July 18th, 1950 in Lahore, Pakistan. As a young boy he dreamed of traveling to America to seek out riches and game. He as his father if it was a good idea and his father agreed. He would travel to the land with, as he says, “streets of gold”. When he arrived in America, he only had $500 to his name and was staying at a YMCA for $2.00 a night. Thinking he would blow through his money soon, he got a job as a dishwasher for $1.20 an hour. At this point, he claimed he was already making more money than most in his home country.

He decided to go to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for engineering. There, he joined a fraternity called Beta Theta Pi and enjoyed the American social life. In order to continue on his path along the American dream he got sucked into, he found himself in need of a car. To afford one, he got a job working at Flex-N-Gate, an automobile manufacturing plant. Within two years there, Khan saved up enough money to eventually get a small business loan and start his first company – “Bumper Works”. Two years later, Khan bought Flex-N-Gate and made it one of the largest auto suppliers and continued to climb the ladder of success. During the 2008 recession, because of his good management, he went from having 19 competitors to only one. In turn, this helped his company make a lot of money.

He then turned towards a sport he had grown to love when he came to America: football. He decided that he wanted to use his financial success to buy a team. In 2010, he put in an offer to buy the LA Rams but was not successful. This did not deter him, though, and in 2011 he successfully bought the Jacksonville Jaguars with a deal made on a napkin. The deal was finalized in early 2012 for an estimated $760 million. He has more than doubled the value of the team since taking over as owner. He later went on to buy the Fulham football club in the United Kingdom.

Shad Khan and his companies employ tens of thousands of workers worldwide. He has a net worth of over $7.1 billion dollars, putting him in the Forbes Top 400 Richest People in the World. He is also the richest person of Pakistani origins. Over the years, Shad Khan and his wife Ann Carlson Khan have been distinguished many times for giving back to the community. These honors, many of which were service awards given to him by colleges he attended, were for acts of community service he conducted, like giving millions to the YMCA he first stayed at when he came to America so long ago.

Khan shows us all that with the will to win, you can truly achieve the American dream. Coming from nothing and working for $1.20 as a dishwasher, he was able to get himself on the pathway to becoming one of the richest men in the world. He continues to purchase more businesses and make more money because he believes that making more money allows him to make more of a difference in this world. If you would like to learn more about Khan, check out his book Truly Successful: How to be successful in every aspect of life.

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